Dukan Diet Stabilization Phase

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Change your lifestyle by following the Dukan Diet Stabilization Phase and never worry about being overweight again!

The Dukan Diet can be easily termed as one of the most famous and widely adopted diet plans which have transformed the lives of many by assisting them in healthy weight loss. One of the prime reasons for the increasing popularity of this diet plan is that rather than forbidding you from eating anything for days it encourages you to eat enough, but only healthy foods. So, you need not to starve yourself to achieve a desired weight. All you have to do is to control your eating habits and include healthy foods in your diet.

Consisting of four phases, the Attack phase, Cruise phase, Consolidation phase and Dukan Diet Stabilization Phase, it was introduced by Pierre Dukan, who is a French nutritionist. While the first two phases are aimed at losing weight, the third phase assists at retaining this weight, and the fourth and last phase, the Dukan Diet Stabilization Phase, ensures that you can enjoy the new found weight loss for the rest of your life.

The Stabilization Phase is the last and also the most difficult phase, as there is no set time for which you need to follow this phase. The instructions of this phase should be followed as long as you

want, preferably for life, to maintain your new weight. The rules to be followed in the Dukan Diet Stabilization Phase are easy and can assure that you will keep looking your best as long as you follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • For one day every week eat only protein foods
  • Eat whatever you like for the rest six days, but remember the rules of Consolidation phase
  • Drink plenty of water – minimum two liters a day
  • Brisk walk for minimum 20 minutes per day

Most of the other diet plans available cannot be considered complete, as they only help you lose weight but do not provide any guidance as how to maintain the new weight, without gaining it back. People get back to their old eating habits, as soon as they see even a slight reduction in their weight, which then leads to weight gain. This is the prime reason why such plans are considered to be ineffective and useless by many.

However, the Dukan Diet plan adopts a comprehensive approach and not only assists in losing weight but also consolidates your new weight.

Other Phases of the Dukan Diet

The Attack Phase

The Cruise Phase

The Consolidation Phase


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