Dukan Diet Recipes ideas – An overview

Dukan Diet has emerged as a revolutionary technique for those who are constantly haunted by their increasing weight and are unable to get rid of it, even after following various diet plans and exercise routines. Popularity of this diet plan, which was introduced by Pierre Dukan, has reached exceptional heights, due to its effectiveness, as it not only helps in losing weight but also ensures that the new weight is maintained by following a set diet pattern.

It is divided into four phases and each phase has a set of restrictions in terms of what the dieter is allowed to eat. There is a list to be followed, consisting of 100 foods, 28 vegetables and 72 foods are animal based. If you are planning to adopt this diet plan or are already following it, then here are some ideas about what your Dukan Diet Recipes should include in every phase.

In attack phase you are required to consume only protein, along with plenty of water.  So your Dukan Diet Recipes can include low-fat beef, turkey, yogurts, cottage cheese, chicken breasts (skin less). You can season these with spices which are zero calories. Along with these you also need to take one and a half tablespoon of oat bran.

In the next phase, which is Cruise phase, you can include 28 approved vegetables in your diet, along with oat bran and water. The vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and corns are not allowed due to their carb content. You can definitely prepare salads, using lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, celery, cauliflower, onions and cucumbers.

Consolidation phase starts when you have achieved a target weight and in this phase you can include fruits, bread and cheese in your diet. Eat lots of vegetables and proteins, with some fruits and whole grain bread every day. In this phase, one day in a week is dedicated to only protein diet and the best part is that for a day you are allowed to have whatever you want.

In the stabilization phase, your Dukan Diet Recipes will be same as consolidation phase, only exception being Thursdays, when you need to eat only protein.

Following a diet does not mean that your food has to be bland and tasteless, as you are allowed to add some flavors to your Dukan Diet Recipes to make them more palatable. You can include vinegar, mustard, spices and herbs. However, whatever you choose to flavor your recipes with, it should be low fat, and you can enjoy flavorsome food, along with losing weight with this remarkable Dukan Diet plan.

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