Dukan Diet Cruise Phase

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In the Dukan Diet Cruise Phase, walking is encouraged to improve muscle tone and assist with weight loss.

A popular weight loss program, the Dukan Diet was developed by Pierre Dukan, who is a French nutritionist. It involves four phases and aims to help you achieve a desired weight, along with stabilizing it for long term results. The initial phases require the dieter to have low carbohydrate and high protein diet, while later stages involve incorporating healthy carbohydrates in your meals, along with regular exercise. This page covers the Dukan Diet Cruise Phase.

The Dukan Diet Cruise Phase is the second stage and in this phase the dieter is required to focus on low carbohydrate and high protein foods, alternating between vegetables and pure protein foods. Also, in this phase the amount of exercise recommended is higher compared to the first phase, the Attack Phase. In the cruise phase you should walk for 30 minutes daily.

During the protein days of the Dukan Diet Cruise Phase, you can include foods like eggs, meat, fish, along with dairy products, provided these are fat-free. You can choose from turkey, fish, chicken, red meats (low-fat) etc. For dairy products you can consume skim milk, yogurt and cottage cheese (fat-free). You can also include two eggs in your daily diet.

On other days, when you need to combine protein and vegetables, adding salads or sides is a good idea. Broccoli, spinach, asparagus, cabbage, chard, eggplant, kale, cucumber, beans, tomatoes, leeks and turnips are some of the vegetables which can be included in the meals. However, some vegetables like beets and carrots should not be consumed daily, as they have high starch content.

Apart from the above mentioned foods, the Dukan Diet Cruise Phase also recommends that you should consume at least 1.5 liters of water every day. Along with that you should consume 2 grams of oat bran. Doing this helps to keep constipation and other health issues at bay. The importance of physical activity is emphasized, not only in the Dukan Diet Cruise Phase but throughout the whole Dukan Diet plan. You are required to include at least 30 minutes brisk walk or light jogging in your routine. It improves muscle tone, along with assisting in weight loss.

The biggest advantage offered by this diet plan, which is also a prime reason why so many people prefer the Dukan Diet over other diet plans, is that it allows you to eat as much as you want. Thus, you would not have to stay hungry to get rid of excessive weight. You can keep consuming a healthy diet and still see a reduction in your weight.

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